El Camino:Breaking Bad movie to cast these characters from the show

Ever since the teaser of Breaking Bad movie “El Camino” is out the only question that comes to the mind of the fans is “Will we see Mr. White?”

That is one inquiry that everybody has been posing since he passed on in the last episode of the exemplary show.

However fans are expecting to see his flashbacks, dreams or any plot bend that is conceivable since the movie is about Jesse Pinkman after he sets himself free from the world of meth in the last episode.

El Camino

While the major things about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie has yet not been revealed , the show maker Vince Gilligan who is likewise directing the movie has uncovered that the Breaking Bad movie El Camino will have in excess of 10 unique characters from the show. Of Course Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) being the first one of them.

It has been confirmed by Vince Gilligan that Badger one of Pinkman’s friend on the show is one of the 10 unique characters to be included in the movie.

El Camino: Breaking Bad movie

Matt Jones who played the character of Badger in Breaking Bad will return as Jesse’s wear out bud Badger in El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie.

Not much is known about the movie, other than the fact that it centers around tormented meth-producer Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the fallout of his break from meth business bondage.

El Camino

A month ago, Netflix released a teaser for El Camino, which concentrated on another individual from Jesse’s force: Skinny Pete (Charles Baker). Pete was seen being examined by the police regarding the whereabouts of his companion.

The Breaking Bad movie : El Camino is set to be released on 11th Oct as affirmed by Netflix and the whole cast is still kept in the closet. This has increased the curiosity even more.

Let us know in the comment section who do you think from the show Breaking Bad will be a part of this movie.


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