Courtney Cox conducts a Quiz based on “Friends” for Charlie Puth

Its been the month of Friends all along. Last month the famous sitcom Friends completed its 25th Anniversary. Fans couldn’t be more happier.

Courtney Cox had been giving us hopes of Friends reunion over and over again by posting videos on her instagram account.

Recently Jennifer Aniston also joined instagram and took the social media by storm. Soon after she published her first pic with the rest of the cast of Friends, fans went crazy and instagram brokedown for few minutes after so many people rushed to follow her on instagram in no time.

Recently Courtney Cox was spotted interviewing the famous “See you again” singer Charlie Puth who claims to be one of the biggest fans of the sitcom Friends.

Puth vindicates himself very well, flaunting an abundant well of Friends learning, including verbatim statements and even a note-impeccable murmured version of the show’s progress music (which, to be perfectly honest, should more than make up for any off-base answers).

Some of the quizzes questions that Courtney asked him were like “What does Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] change her name to after she weds Mike [Paul Rudd]?”, “What sort of specialist was Dr. Drake Ramoray [the drama character played by Joey]?”, and “Genuine or false, the name of the 1950s-themed cafe Monica worked at was Moondance Diner?” (That’s “Princess Consuela Bananahammock,” cerebrum specialist, and genuine, separately.)

Not only this, Puth was also awarded for his performance. Towards the finish of the scene, Cox presents Puth with the legendary “Geller Cup” (the “troll doll nailed to a two-by-four” that Ross and Monica would go after in their youth football match-ups), a motion which moves Puth to real tears. Such is the intensity of Friends.

Wow!! A Geller Cup!! Could he be any more happy??

Puth and Cox apparently bonded while filming the Quizzed episode, as Cox recently posted a photo with him on Instagram.

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