The Big Bang Theory earned a shoutout from a Nobel Prize ceremony

The famous sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” had ended earlier this year making all its fans devastated. The sitcom had a long run of 12 years which is the most by any television series.

Even though the show Big Bang Theory had ended but people can’t stop thinking or talking about it and bringing up references about it in their day to day life. Such is the impact of the greatest show of all time.

Young Sheldon

Quite a similar thing happened at an event of Nobel Prize ceremony.

A Canadian-American researcher and two Swiss researchers won the physics prize for their work in seeing how the universe has developed from the Big Bang and the blockbuster revelation of a planet outside our close planetary system.

The declaration that a trio of researchers had won the Physics Nobel began with a far-fetched reference: the opening lines of the famous US TV program in which its two principle characters — Sheldon and Amy — won the Nobel Prize.

“The whole universe was in the hot, dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started,” academy member Ulf Danielsson said at the start of the presentation, using the opening words of the Big Bang theme song.

The whole auditorium must have felt like a heaven. What a tremendous tribute to the show and the cast.

The show Big Bang Theory ended on the note of Sheldon and Amy winning Nobel Prize

Mr Hansson further stated that he hoped the fans of the show liked this year’s Nobel Prizes.

What a moment of pride and honour for Chuck Lorre and the entire cast of Big Bang Theory who had managed to impact not only such a large group of audience but also the sharpest and intellectual minds as well.

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