Why did Aaron Paul had to lie about filming El Camino Breaking Bad movie?

Finally, the much awaited movie of Netflix El Camino is released. El Camino stars Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman who has done a tremendous job in the movie.

But did you all know that the Breaking Bad movie El Camino was filmed in such a secret manner that no one could get notified about it. Infact the first announcement was made much after Vince Gilligan was done filming half the movie.

Even Aaron Paul kept his nerve and was behind the closet everytime.Aaron Paul told his companions he was making a “little minimal outside the box venture” when he was truly taking a shot at ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’.

The 40-year-old on-screen character repeats his job as Jesse Pinkman in the Netflix film yet chip away at the task was stayed quiet. He enjoyed “lying” to individuals about what had been keeping him occupied.

He stated: “I cherish amazing individuals, I adore deceiving individuals, you know, it’s simple for me.

“We had a fake name for the film. I told my significant other, clearly, and my folks, and two or three my companions, yet every other person, I said I was doing a little minimal outside the box venture in New Mexico and nobody re-thought it.”

But Aaron Paul admitted that a few people thought he was being secretive about a cameo in ‘Breaking Bad’ prequel series ‘Better Call Saul’.

“A few people possibly thought, ‘Are you doing ‘Better Call Saul’?’ and I would just stated, ‘No, they’re on a hiatus’… It was simple for me to stay quiet about, yet I just couldn’t trust that the world will be at long last ready to see it. They’re going to truly cherish it.

Aaron Paul revealed in an interview that working with the cast of Breaking Bad again felt like a big Family reunion.

Although when asked about Mr. White’s role in the movie El Camino given the fact that he died in the last episode of Breaking Bad Aaron Paul chose to be silent about it.

But now that the movie is out we all can find about Mr.White’s fate and feel nostalgic by watching the movie and living those Breaking Bad days again.


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